• Summer is finally upon us. We’re ready to hit the ponds, streams, lakes, and beaches to get wet, sandy, and dirty! See more adventures from me and the gang over at Childhood Unplugged here.

  • Spring has finally sprung here in the Northeast. This clearly evident in the recent 6″ of snow we receive this week and the 30º temps at school drop off in the morning. 😕

    We saw some toads and frogs on our hikes last week. Where exactly are they right now? Frozen, dead, rehibernated? Mother Nature is a benevolent spirit; but she is also a merciless demon. Just when the sun’s rays warm the Earth enough to haul your frozen body out from your winter slumber, BOOM! Frostbite. See more adventures from me and the gang over at Childhood Unplugged here.

  • We spent some time tide pooling down at Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge over the past few weeks. We went down to see if any snowy owls had made their way down from their arctic homes, to no avail. The waves and wind were kicking and the warm air made for some epic fog. It was dreamy and loud. It was violently beautiful. See more adventures from me and the gang over at Childhood Unplugged here.

  • Winter is an amazing time to get out and see nature. We’ve been out and about exploring the winter landscape as much as possible. We’ve spent a lot of time visiting the great horned owl family that lives by the reservoir. The girls love to collect the pellets and dissect them at home to see what’s inside. We’ve been learning snowboarding on the small hill by the res as well. See more adventures from me and the gang over at Childhood Unplugged here.

  • Autumn is an amazing time to get out and see nature. The falling leaves give way to the wonder of what’s hidden all summer up in the treetops. The fall migrations have mostly occurred and birding is at its late year peak. We’ve been out and about exploring the fall landscape as much as possible. See more adventures from me and the gang over at Childhood Unplugged here.

  • Fall is in full swing around here. Lot’s of hiking and exploring to do. I hosted the Instagram feed for Childhood Unplugged this past week and posted some sweet #naturebuddy images of exploring. Check it out here and the website here. It’s such a fantastic community to be a part of and contribute to.

  • Goodbye summer. I will miss the smell of sunscreen and the sound of the kids running in and out of the waves. But I look forward to frost covered mornings and the autumnal foliage rainbow… Please join me in supporting the other photographers participating in the Childhood Unplugged movement by clicking here to see all our submissions. You can also follow us on Instagram and be sure to use #childhoodunplugged for a chance to be featured on our Instagram feed.

  • A few images from the Daylight Books fall 2015 book launch and signing for Wild & Precious at Photoville in Brooklyn. Clover was thrilled to meet people, sign books and talk about the pictures. 

  • Wild & Precious was chosen as one of American Photo’s top 10 best new phonebooks for fall 2015.

    American Photo writes, “On a series of road trips with his young daughter Clover, Jesse Burke creates a photo travelog of naturalistic scenes and metaphysical musings, sort of a visual version of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Inspired by familial imagery by the likes of Sally Mann and Emmet Gowin—with image titles derived from Johnny Cash songs—Burke’s pictures have a lyricism and grace that reflect the duo’s close relationship with each other and with nature, from bloody noses to dead carcasses to majestic seaside sunsets.”

  • Muck Boot Co. is using some of my images from Wild & Precious for their marketing. I’m stoked to collaborate with brands I truly believe in and use everyday.

  • I’ll be giving a talk tonight at the Photographic Resource Center in Boston, one of my favorite photo venues. The discussion will be about documenting your children. Should be fun, come say hello Boston peeps.

  • On the eve of the first day of school we are thinking back to the glorious adventures of summer. Rolling around in the grass, weekend sleepovers, and endless beach days… More over at Childhood Unplugged

  • Clover in the sound booth at Black Math recording her voiceover for the Wild & Precious short film. This film will be a companion piece to the forthcoming book. Launching at Photoville in NYC on 09/19/15. 5-7pm.

  • Wild & Precious reviewed in The Boton Globe.

    Cate McQuaid writes about Wild & Precious at Gallery Kayafas:

    “Jesse Burke’s photographs of his young daughter Clover on their expeditions into the woods poignantly grasp that tension: Burke wants his daughter to love the wild with the same passion he does. Will she? Who knows. In “I See a Darkness,” Clover holds a fern in front of her face as if it were a mask; innocent, sweet, and playful, she’s still as much a mystery as nature itself — as is everything one loves best.”

  • A few images from Wild & Precious are in the exhibition Landscape As Fetish, which is up on the Lenscratch blog. (Thanks Aline!) We had a great opening last Friday. I was fantastic to see so many of you come out and show your support.

  • I’m finally able to release some new work we shot last fall for Wrangler with Toth + Co. Such a fantastic shoot and Brett was a great subject. 

  • I will be taking over the Childhood Unplugged Instagram account this week. For a chance to have your nature buddies in action featured add #cu_naturebuddy or #childhoodunplugged to your images on Insta.

    Recent image from the Wild & Precious teaser trailer currently in production.

  • Wild & Precious in the June issue of Real Simple Magazine.

  • I am very excited to announce that I have joined the ranks over at Childhood Unplugged. CU is a group of photographers who are making a conscious effort to encourage our children to get back to the art of play. Letting go of technology to explore the magic of imagination and curiosity. Follow along as we take turns guest hosting the Instagram account here

    Submit your Instagram pics by following along to see what the weekly # is and adding it to your post. You can also submit your own photos for inclusion in the blog/site here.

  • 15.06.19. VSCO posted this image of Honey Bee in our cottage at the Lighthouse Inn on Cape Cod. I want this chair.

  • 15.05.11. From a recent shoot with Sara Hastreiter during her on-shore workouts while she was in the US for the Volvo Ocean Race. She is on the all female Team SCA. These sailors epitomize the phrase badass.